How I spent my last 2 months doing something new)

First of all, I would like to note that this is my first such experience, where I was able to integrate so deeply into a new project. Where something directly depended on me! I mastered Everest, added several projects to it. After that, I contacted Phantasma CEO Sergio Flores and explained about the Graph. He was interested and gladly accepted from me the “keys” to a ready-made project on Everest)). It was funny)
Then I got acquainted with the ready-made subgraphs, and after that I wrote my own test subgraph. It wasn’t easy. And i want Graph team giving like more help in technical questions. Because of the language barrier, it was sometimes difficult to convey or understand elemen things. I had to sit up at night and pump my skills in JS and Linux . But thanks to our friendly Ru community and support in telegram, I coped with this task! You definitely need to keep in touch with the guys of large communities not only in discord, but also in telegram. It is becoming more and more popular. Telegram messenger number one for crypto enthusiasts, programmers and many others. By the way, Tegan shared our channel, we were pleased)
I finish the fourth phase already quite happy and at the same time sad that this interesting time is already ending!))
It’s like I went back in time and went back to University and sat in the company of fun and playful people. Only the teachers were real friends, not harsh teachers! Thank you so much for taking me in! And for the tokens of the project, in which I now truly believe and will keep, thank you very much too!!! I dare to hope that I can still work on the common cause, on the construction of WEB 3.0 and the early adoption of cryptocurrencies and crypto services!
Team The Graph protocol respect! Tegan one love!))
Russian team WEb3ru the best!!!!!!!!